To place orders:

We don't have shopping cart integrated in to our website yet (to enable payment directly through the website) and it may take a while before we do so. Until then, please use the order placement process explained below to buy from us.

  • 1) Visit our Gallery to browse through the catalogue, identify the items you like and note down the model numbers.
  • 2) Share the details of your selections along with the model number, quantity, payment preference, your full shipping address, phone number, and any additional information using the form in Contact Us page or email us these details to
  • 3) Once we receive your email, we will confirm your order and the total price including packaging and shipping charges as applicable. We will also provide the necessary details to you to initiate the payment process using one of the options listed below.
  • 4) Upon payment receipt, we will begin honoring your personalized order.
  • **A minimum of 2 weeks' advanced notice is required for bulk orders. The lead time required for order processing depends on the order quantity, complexity, and stock availability.

Payment Options:

  • Online Transfer: Once your order is confirmed with us, our account details will be shared with you.
  • Cheque: Once your order is confirmed with us, payee details will be shared with you. Orders will be processed after cheque realization.
  • Cash: Obviously, this can happen only if we have the chance to meet in person. :)